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Executive board: 

Chair: Christian Risby Nielsen
Head-delegate: Jakob Dersch
Treasurer: Nikolaj Kristensen
Secretary: Alexander Detlefsen




Location: Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M - Denmark

History: SDU welcomed the first students in Odense in 1966. We now have five faculties with more than 32,000 students (around 20% from abroad), and over 4,000 employees Several international studies document that we conduct world-class research and are one of the top fifty young universities in the world.

Prerequisites to apply for this course: Danish Students: - General: “Studentereksamen” from a Danish gymnasium (STX, HF, HHX, HTX or EUX). Specific course levels: - Danish: A - Mathematics: A - English: B - Either physics B + chemistry B or physics B + biotechnology A or geoscience A + chemistry B or biology A + chemistry B + physics C International students: International students are required to master the Danish language at a very high level in order for them to participate in this program. Furthermore, they have to have a qualifying exam and they have to meet the specific requirements for this program in order to be enrolled. Applicants with an international qualifying exam have to pass the Higher Education Examination (Studieprøven) or Danish A level. Unless other criteria exist, the Higher Education Examination has to be successfully passed with at least the grade 7 in each of the 4 tests according to the 7-point grading scale. Nordic applicants: The Danish-language requirement does not apply to Nordic applicants (Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish). International applicants from countries outside the EU/EEA: The University requires full tuition fee for students from countries outside the EU/EEA.  

Degree upon graduation: Latin: Cand.manu (candidata/candidatus manutigii) / English: Master’s Degree in Health Science, Clinical Biomechanics

Duration of course: 5 years of university + 1 year of internship

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