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Courtesy of our CHAP committee

The value of volunteering is much deeper, fulfilling and important in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community than money could ever measure. We believe that community outreach is important because it creates a meaningful bridge between students and the members of the public.

The WCCS wants to inspire students and chiropractors to embrace opportunities that make a positive impact in their communities, both on a personal and professional level.

Please get in touch if you would like to share community outreach activities that you have experienced with your chapter so that we can inspire each other even more (

  • Blood drive

  • Christmas shoebox donation

  • Spine challenge

  • WSD: outreach into Bournemouth town and hand out flyers about straighten up exercises & primary school outreach

  • Blood drive

  • Regional Event: raised 400€ for World Spine Care

  • collaboration with college about consciousness of recycling

  • Spinal health classes in primary schools

  • Chiro raffle advent calendar

  • Sponsors/support from french chiropractors

  • World Spine Day

  • World Spine Day: straighten up exercises, Zumba

  • Father’s day: pilates

  • Rare Disease Day: raise awareness through social media 

  • Plastic collection drive: use reusable straws instead of plastic straws

  • Plans for the future:

    • Volunteer at a children`s place of safety (Ethembeni)

    • Offers shelter to abandoned, neglected and abused
      children & babies

    • Offer chiropractic care

    • Christmas in July - party with product donation

  • Annual blood drive between the Osteo’s and Chiro’s called the ‘Vampire Cup’

  • Annual Christmas party at an old aged home and put on a morning tea or lunch and engage with the community.

  • Annual school visits – recently went to a primary school and did ‘play time’ with the kids in their lunch break which included colouring in spines and doing functional exercises, getting the kids active and outside.

  • Beach and community rubbish clean-ups.

Macquarie focuses on community service within the uni, they currently do things such as:

  • Bake sales

  • Spine week information stalls

  • Soccer matches against the physios

  • Pancake breakfast.

  • Provide information talks on wellness, health and spinal care at aged care facility adjacent to our campus

  • Provide multiple cost-free Pilates classes to students of our university in promotion to health and wellness

  • Provide free lunch to the student body with health promotion

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