Executive board: 
Head Delegate: Saphira Kaiser
Chapter Chair: Moritz Thiele
Treasurer: Monique Konau
Secretary: Lilja Holm-Mortensen
Executive Advisor: Jesper Jesse

​Photo: delegation attending the WCCS Annual General Meeting 2018 @ Johannesburg: Emilie Claerbout, Chiara Hermann, Saphira Kaiser, Bradley Taylor​


Location: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
History: The College began as the Oxfordshire School of Chiropractic, founded by John McTimoney in 1972.
Prerequisites to apply for this course: Over the age of 18, with 5 GCSE's and 3 ALevels, generally science a subject or relevant higher qualifications. For those who are unable to meet the academic requirement can apply to do a Pathway Programme prior to starting the course.
Degree upon graduation: MChiro (Integrated Masters)
Duration of course: 4 Years (Full-Time) from September to June, in lectures every week (Monday to Wed/Thurs) with Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays. 5 Years (Full-Time Extended) from January to November, in lectures one weekend (Fri to Mon) per month usually.

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