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Executive board
President: Megan Gibson

Secretary: Haleigh Michalak

Internal Affairs: Kaileigh Mapson

External Affairs: Sandro Petitti

Social Media: Nik Suich

Treasurer: Kalena Noordegraaf

First Year Reps: Sarah Bourdon & Leann Gaudence Melegrito

Photo: delegation attending the WCCS Annual General Meeting 2018 @ Johannesburg: Marc Bijman, Shadi Fattahi, Megan Gibson, and Jordanne Buote

Additional info: The CMCC chapter events include: Orientation week bar night, World Spine day school wide yoga, raffles and bake sales (50% of proceeds to charity of choice for that year), as well as participating in school events such as Halloween contests, Intramural planning, and the annual Christmas Market, all intent on improving student life and involvement.



Location: Toronto, Canada
History: CMCC opened in 1945, welcoming a large class of veterans returning from WWII. It was founded as a Canadian institution that could represent a focal point for chiropractic in Canada. The “memorial” in CMCC’s name is in honour of Daniel David Palmer, the Canadian who founded chiropractic in 1895.
Prerequisites to apply for this course: The undergraduate program at CMCC is a second entry honours baccalaureate degree program, offered to qualified candidates who have completed a minimum of three years of university level study prior to admission. 
Degree upon graduation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Duration of course: The program is 4 years in length, 3 of which are academic (12 modules) and the final year being two 6 month clinical placements before graduation and licensing.

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