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Executive board: 
President: Kelsie Allbright
Internal Affairs: Madison Molitor
External Affairs: Evlyn Collins

Public Relations: Colby Wilson
​Secretary: Jasmine Sauceda

Treasurer: Hannah McAfee

Photo: Parker WCCS Chapter pictured at Parker University in Dallas, TX. From left to right: Evlyn Collins, Hannah McAfee, Madison Molitor, Kelsie Allbrjght, Jasmine Sauceda , Colby Wilson 


Location: Dallas, TX, United States
History: Parker University is named for its late founder, Dr. James William Parker. For five decades, Dr. Parker’s professional passion, skills and love were directed totally toward chiropractic. After graduating from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1946, he developed, in Fort Worth, Texas, one of the fastest growing chiropractic practices in the history of the profession. In 18 months, he established 18 clinics, one in almost every major city in Texas. From his experience operating
these offices, Dr. Parker improved chiropractic care and developed methods for establishing and maintaining successful chiropractic practices.
A foundation was created in 1951, to conduct post-graduate chiropractic seminars. Over the last half century, the seminars evolved into Parker Seminars. Nearly 40,000 chiropractors, or approximately two-thirds of the Doctors of Chiropractic in the world, have attended these seminars.
At the urging of his colleagues, Dr. Jim Parker helped establish and fund Parker College with the goal of benefiting student’s with Dr. Parker’s principles and teaching to become successful healers and practitioners.
Parker University, built upon the legacy of its flagship Doctor of Chiropractic program, has established itself as a leading comprehensive institution. Parker University provides its students, patients, and wellness professionals with the knowledge and healthcare experiences to realize their full potential through a dedicated focus on education, research, and service.

Prerequisites to apply for this course: Visit 
Degree upon graduation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Duration of course: 10 Trimesters

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