Executive board: 
Chapter chair: Lauren Hunter
Fundraising heads: Kellen Jenner, Connor Stuart
Treasurer: Tracy Pearson
Secretary: Lauren Ashley
Head of community events: Henry Jackson

Photo: delegation attending the WCCS Annual General Meeting 2018 @ Johannesburg: Lauren hunter, Fraser McClymont, Henry Jackson, Connor Stuart, April Kimber, Lauren Ashley 

Additional: Our chapter works alongside Sports Chiropractic Australia so we participate in regular events such as the CrossFit games in Brisbane in December


Location: MACKAY, Queensland, Australia
History: Chiropractic at CQU is a very new course and has only be available for 7 years this year. The course is small but is growing and allowing for passionate and driven chiropractic students to find their course. Chiropractic is offered at CQU across three seperate campuses (MACKAY, Brisbane, Sydney)
Prerequisites to apply for this course: Maths, English, science (chemistry, physics, biology)
Degree upon graduation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Duration of course: 5 years in total. 3 years for bachelors (6 semesters), two years for Masters (6 trimesters)

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