Executive board: 
Chairman : Florence Genipa (Toulouse), Adrien Aymon (Paris)
Vice-chairman : Jayce Marques (Paris)
Secretary : Agathe Chaumet (Toulouse), Chéryl Chervet (Paris)
Treasurer : Marie-Hélène Meyer (Toulouse), Alexandra Papillon (Paris)
Head Delegate : Nadège Paillon

Photo: delegation attending the WCCS Annual General Meeting 2018 @ Johannesburg: Adrien Aymon, Mihai Boon, Nadège Paillon, Chéryl Chervet, Alexandre Herly, Audrey Imhoff


Location: Paris and Toulouse, France
History: IFEC was founded in 1983 in Paris. 

  • 1987 : the first cohort called the "plasterers" graduated 

  • 1996 : ECCE accreditation 

  • 2006 : IFEC Toulouse is created!! 

  • May 2013 : IFEC is approved by the french ministry of health

Prerequisites to apply for this course: Interview & exam covering topics such as logic, English, French, general knowledge
Degree upon graduation: Diploma
Duration of course: 5 years

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