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Executive board: 
Head Delegate, President Vice, President, Secretary, Treasurer 

​Photo: delegation attending the WCCS Annual General Meeting 2018 @ Johannesburg: Kendra Kautz, Samantha Morones



Location: Whittier, California, United States
History: Since 1911, SCU has been educating students to be integrative healthcare practitioners for over 100 years. SCU provides high levels of patient care and has a reputation for excellence in an evidence-informed curriculum. SCU prepares careers in complementary, alternative and integrative healthcare.
Prerequisites to apply for this course: The Faculty Admissions Committee selects students primarily on the basis of their academic credentials, admissions essays, and the admissions interview. All admissions interviews are evaluated by members of the faculty. Faculty members are looking for candidates with strong academic backgrounds and compelling reasons for pursuing their chosen areas of major study.
Degree upon graduation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Duration of course: 10-12 Trimesters

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