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Opens Monday, June 15th at 9pm ET until Friday, June 26th, 2020 at 5pm ET by email to Nominees will be announced on Facebook at this time.  Please note, that only those registered to attend the online AGM are candidates for election. A list of delegates registered can be found on the delegate drive on June 15th. 


Acceptance of nomination/application by nominee is due Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 by 5pm ET.  At this time your full application is due. This includes your 1st full campaign speech video, as well as your written application to be uploaded to the delegate drive or emailed to If this is not turned in in due time, your bid for the position will be disqualified. This video is a maximum of a 5-minute speech, with a 5-minute question period. The predetermined questions will be found in the delegate drive, as well as the written application, as of June 15th, 2020.






The campaign will last from July 1st – 10th.  During this time, chapters and registered delegates can send candidates questions to be answered in an optional follow up video (minimum of 3 questions, maximum 5 mins). By July 13th at 5pm ET, candidates must have posted this second video if so desired, and campaigning is concluded. Delegates have one day to view additional videos.  On July 15th at 5PM ET the first voting link through google forms will be sent to chapter emails, and will cover the Board elections minus the wild card spot.  This is due after 12 hours.  At 5pm ET on July 16th a second link will be sent for the wild card spot to be filled on the board.   


If you are running unopposed for the position after the application/nomination deadline, and are in good standing with the membership, the position will automatically be yours. 


If you are running opposed for a position, elections will take place electronically and a 51% majority of voting members will determine the successful candidate.  Successful candidates will be contacted by personal emails and posted on facebook.


Available positions for nomination/bid


☐ European Director

☐ West Pac Director

☐ Americas Director

☐ Africas Director

☐ Director of Finances

☐ Wild Card Director 


☐ European RC

☐ West Pac RC

☐ Americas RC 1

☐ Americas RC 2

☐ Africas RC


☐ LC Chair

☐ LC Secretary 

☐ LC Editor 


☐ West pac Regional Event 

☐ Africas Regional Event

☐ Americas Regional Event

☐ Europe Regional Event


☐ AGM 2022

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